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Business Continuity

Stay productive with minimal to no downtime


IT failures are something that every business has to plan for, but with the right provider and business continuity strategy, you can make sure your company’s networks are resilient and disaster-proof. ITM247 will keep your business up and running even when IT disaster strikes. If you want confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your business can absorb IT failures without any major disruption, then we can help.


The right continuity strategy, individually tailored for your business needs, is like an insurance policy for your IT networks and data. User-friendly and with a range of cost-effective options, our business continuity services guarantee that when IT failures or cyber-attacks occur, you will be able to use and recover everything required for your company to stay operational.

Business Continuity

Advanced backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Providing a secure, reliable, scalable archive for all types of files..

Giving you complete protection from all manner of cyber threats.

Complete security and audit trails for full email compliance.


Downtime can hit a business where it hurts. If you can’t access your IT, you can’t deliver your services. That means lost productivity, lost revenue and lost growth. We develop bespoke business continuity plans, designed for the exact scale, type and industry of each business. These custom-built strategies are how we keep your risk of downtime to an absolute minimum, and enable you to focus on delivering your products and services to clients without delay or interruption

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