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Cyber Security

More Than Just Security Awareness Training And Phishing Simulations

ITM247 helps to change behaviour and lower human cyber security risk

Elevate Your Cyber Security Awareness

If you want to shore up cyber security awareness among your employees, we provide a comprehensive and in-depth training programme, proven to get results.

Based on a four-stage approach – assess, educate, simulate and report – we deliver effective cyber security awareness training that ground your employees in best practice and keep your business safe.

Key Cyber Security Areas Covered

When it comes to cyber security, people aren’t the weakest link. In fact, they can be your greatest asset — if they have the right support and you have the right data.
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Assess & Educate

The first stage of our training program is to accurately assess what gaps exist in your employees’ knowledge of cyber security threats. This is done via an online questionnaire which covers related to 12-key areas of cyber security, and core infosec/compliance-based competencies.

Based on the results, we then create a 12-month training programme, tailored to each employee’s learning requirements.They will grow their cyber security awareness with regular learning modules, and you will be able to monitor their progress through an easy to use, online dashboard.

Simulation & Reporting

Once your employees have completed stage 2, they are then ready for stage 3 – testing exercises that involve the simulation of cyber attacks. With this simulation tool, you can use a range of phishing email and landing page templates that will closely replicate real-world attacks.

The online dashboard will then provide you with the data needed for stage 4 – compiling reports on your employees’ performance that track and segment each individual’s opened, clicked and compromised rates according to seniority and departments.

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Firewall as a service

FWaaS is the most effective way of keeping your business network perimeter resilient and protected from all cyber security risks.

Secure WiFi

Secure against the latest cyber threats and scalable boosting productivity and giving you the best ROI.

Business Continuity

Continuity strategy, individually tailored for your business needs, is like an insurance policy for your IT networks and data

ITM247 helps to change behaviour and lower human cyber security risk

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